Ninja Nutri Blender Reviews Because of its size, I questioned the power of the Nutri Ninja. Fortunately, this single-serve blender more than put my concerns to rest and nailed all of our realistic usage tests. For $90, it makes smoothies as well as some $400 and $500 models. What’s more, it completes these tasks quickly and with style. The single-serving containers easily transform from blending jars to travel-ready cups. However, Hamilton Beach has also released plenty of models that can do simple things like smoothies, and they typically retail for $40. Newer versions of this discount brand, like the Stay or Go model even includeRead More →

Ninja Master Prep Blender Review There is something every kitchen has in common: the need (and hopefully ability) to chop and cut ingredients. While every kitchen has a knife, not all kitchens come equipped with convenience. Given the chance to take the new Ninja Master Prep Professional out for a spin, I jumped at the chance to see how it stacked up. The Ninja Master Prep Professional is the newest model in the Ninja line. Featuring more blades, increased power, and an additional processing bowl, the do-it-all food processor/chopper/blender aims to be the workhorse of the kitchen. As it says right on the box inRead More →

Ninja Ultima Blender Kitchen System BL820 Review There are a few other buzzwords that Euro-Pro likes to use in their marketing campaigns with the Ninja product line. Some of these can sound a bit confusing. Some also sound as though they are unique to Ninja, when in reality they are features that are included in many other blenders. Pro Variable Speed – Ninja states that the higher end models of the Ultima system features Pro Variable Speed. This is simply a speed adjustment dial on the base unit whichincreases your blending speed. This is certainly not a unique idea to ninja as many other companiesRead More →

Ninja Ultima Blender BL830CB Review One day the doorbell rang and a big box was there. It had Bill’s name on it, but I knew it was for me. Somehow the barking didn’t bother me, and I was gratified to see my box was bigger than any of his. He was thankful the thing had finally arrived so he would no longer get hourly messages from me asking when my new toy would arrive. Here’s my big reason why I wanted the Ninja: I’m hypoglycemic, as in dangerously so. My blood sugar can suddenly drop to the you’re-gonna-die range, so yogurt smoothies are literally myRead More →

I chose to rate my Ninja XL Blender NJ600, a 10 due to it excelling in all areas. What a powerhouse. My daughter borrowed most 1960’s blender and broke it. I took good care of it for 45 years. I thought it was the top of the line and I loved it. It now turns out I was really missing out, This was a blessing in disguise.. Blending Power It’s what it claims. a powerhouse beyond belief. after using my 1960’s blender I just can’t believe my good fortune. Ninja Professional Blender totally crushes ice, whole fruits and vegetables in a second. Versatility Nijia hasRead More →

Ninja NJ600 Blender Review Ninja Professional has the power, but not the price tag, of its big-name competitors. It’s an affordable, well designed blender with its own cult following. The true test of any blender is how well it crushes ice. And with a 1000-watt motor and an innovative blade design, the Ninja Professional delivers, and then some. The blender is tall and slender, which means that the generously sized, 72-once pitcher might not fit under most cabinets. But I liked the design of the blender; it is formed of one piece –less chance for leaking—with the blade fitting onto the mount built into theRead More →

My knowledge of actual ninjas is limited to obscure pop-culture references, but I generally think of them as being two things: quiet and lethal. The Ninja Ultima BL810 blender is hardly quiet, but as far as the other goes, if “lethal” means “ridiculously effective” in blender-speak, the Ninja is aptly named. It was a consistent top performer and kept pace with its more expensive competitors like the Vitamix 7500 and Blendtec Designer Series WildSide Blender, for half the price. I own the Ninja Kitchen System 1100, which retails for $159. The 1100 features different accessories than the Ultima. For example, it comes with the standard,Read More →